Welcome to Ministry of Kids Holiday Club

Days of outdoor adventure, creativity and fun.......

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Our Sessions

Ministry of Kids (MOK) Holiday Club days are exciting, child-centred and all about having fun outdoors. We use the natural environment to create, to explore, to discover, to challenge and to learn more about ourselves and others. MOK is open to children from Reception Year to Year 6 and every day is planned individually depending on the location, the season and the age of the children attending.

MOK days include forest school and bushcraft activities such as den building, bug hunting, tree climbing, fire lighting, knife work and campfire cooking and we also use our imaginations to share stories, songs and create wonderful art, often using natural and/or recycled materials.

As an OFSTED registered child-care provider, safety is always a priority but we consider the risk benefits of our activities i.e. we make sure that the children learn to manage their own risk, and that of others, along the way.

We run 1-day or 2-day MOK Camps, dependant on the length of holiday break. As an extra precaution due to Covid-19, we stagger drop off and pick ups, plus try and minimise the length of time we spend inside.

Who are we?

Ministry of Kids is co-owned by us, Clare Wells and Natasha Branston, and our backgrounds include education, outdoor learning and party planning. We wanted to create a fun and relaxed Holiday Club for children, full of outdoor play, creativity and freedom, as there only seemed to be 'single theme' activity holiday clubs when our own children were growing up. Our initial vision for MOK was just a group of children coming to play for a day in our back gardens!

Our own children were some of the first attendees in 2014 and now some of our older ones are coming back as MOK Student Leaders as they love it so much!